A pressure ulcer can develop in less than

1 hour

Bulk Manufacturer of Surgical Table Pads and Patient Positioning Pads

In the operating room and everywhere in between, pressure is inevitable — and if not properly dispersed, potentially costly. Berman Bedding is a leader in modern pressure reduction technologies, helping medical OEMs relieve the heavy stresses on patients' bodies and the equipment that supports them.

Specializing in surgical table pads and patient positioning pads, Berman manufactures durable components equal to the demands of today's operating rooms. Whether we're following your blueprints or developing them on your behalf, you can be assured of an end product you will be proud to rest your name on.

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Why Choose Berman Bedding?

Blending expertise, technology, and keen attention to detail, Berman Bedding crafts pressure relief pads leading medical OEMs can depend on — integrated into operating tables, stretchers, arm boards, positioning devices, and more.  

Our Products

  • Ultrasonically Welded Seams

    Create an air-tight and fluid-tight seal, preventing bodily fluids from seeping into pad.

    Three-Piece Grommet Vents

    Allow for superior air egress and ingress, with the industry's best fluid barrier.

  • Customized Foam Combinations

    Tailored to your specs for density and firmness, plus pressure map test results to back up your pressure reduction claims.

    snapLINX™ Patented Fastener Technology

    Securely attaches pads to a table or fixture while lifting easily. snapLINX™ fastener technology replaces hook and loop, making it easy to be cleaned/disinfected, eliminating a common contamination risk.